M7 Deutschland delivers new fibre PoPs for cable partners

M7 Deutschland, the German cable programming distribution arm of Canal+-owned M7 Group, is expanding the fibre network-based TV signal feed to its partners with local access points.

Marco Hellberg

Marco Hellberg

In addition to the central M7 headend at its Equinix node in Frankfurt am Main, network operators can now use points-of-presence close to their headends.

The local PoPs are provided by the M7 partners Tele AG, IP Broadcast, envia TEL, Linspace Telecom and DNS:NET and are located in Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt am Main, Hamburg, Leipzig and Munich.

Via the M7 Livestream product, the network operators receive a DVB-C signal via the fibre connection, which they can feed directly into their cable networks.

M7 has been converting the TV signal feed to the network operators to fibre over the spring. The fully redundant connections are protected against outages, enabling a high-quality TV supply for end customers via cable and IPTV and can be expanded for more programme diversity, according to M7.

M7 offers network operators around 130 free TV and pay TV channels, special interest channels and international channels, the majority in HD.

Channels include additional interactive functions such as restart, recordings via network PVR and multiscreen use via Smartphone/tablet apps. The outfit serves over 160 customers including cable companies, municipal utilities, fibre providers and regional telecommunications companies.

“We are getting closer to our customers and passing the benefits directly on to them. The cooperation with local PoP providers is another important step in the ongoing conversion of TV signal delivery to our customers from satellite to high-performance, flexible and future-proof fibre optic connections,” said Marco Hellberg, managing director of Eviso Germany GmbH, the M7 Business Partner in Germany.

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