Stadtwerke Schwedt taps Teleste for distributed access architecture

German city operator Stadtwerke Schwedt has tapped technology outfit Teleste to help deliver the deployment of a Distributed Access-based broadband network.

Teleste DAN300Stadtwerke Schwedt, which operates the network in Schwedt in Brandenburg in north-eastern Germany, expanded its traditional access network by adopting Teleste’s Distributed Access technology, enabling the provision of high-capacity bandwidth to its subscribers across the city. The planning and integration of the upgrade was supported by Teleste’s local partner and value-added reseller Dr. Michaelis Consult GmbH.

Teleste says that  Distributed Access-based broadband provides operators with a path to higher download and upload speeds and improved streaming quality. Unlike fibre-to-the-home solutions in residential areas, which typically require significant re-cabling investments, Distributed Access offers a more cost-effective solution without the need for extensive infrastructure upgrades, it said.

Teleste’s solution for Stadtwerke Schwedt is built on the company’s DAN300 Remote PHY Distributed Access node working together with the operator’s CCAP core from Cisco. In addition to providing greater broadband speeds, the technology creates efficiencies in network reliability, latency, and security, according to Teleste.

“In addition to the reliable and price-competitive products, Teleste convinced with the multi-vendor approach which enables us to choose CCAP cores from different vendors. The interoperability of their technology gives us the freedom to participate in a future-proof ecosystem without vendor lock-in. As the Distributed Access technology was a new field to us, we were happy that Teleste, working with their partner Dr. Michaelis Consult, has been helping us to make the steps towards next-generation-technology. The mixture of their expertise and our own know-how made the implementation process very easy to carry out,” said Stefan Doering, head of telecommunications, Stadtwerke Schwedt.

“The beauty of Distributed Access technology is that it enables operators to leverage their existing infrastructure for modern, ultra-high-speed broadband connectivity. This means that installations in subscriber premises, such as multi-dwelling units, can be carried out without rewiring the buildings, resulting in minimal disruption to residents’ daily lives. Working with the right partners, it is possible to bring gigabit broadband to an entire apartment building in just 15 minutes, which highlights the ease of using the technology in network upgrades,” said Olli Leppänen, VP, distributed access, Teleste.

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