JW Player taps Bitcentral to boost audience reach and revenue streams

Video software and data insights platform JW Player has tapped broadcast and digital video provider Bitcentral, to increase its audience reach and drive revenue streams via FAST channels

JWP aims that the partnership will empower its customers to find new audiences and boost monetisation by delivering FAST channels to leading distribution endpoints and owned and operated platforms.

The partnership sees the company uses Bitcentral’s streaming solution to stream video flawlessly, improve audience engagement, and better monetise video content.

JWP takes advantage of Bitcentral’s FAST capabilities, which are combined with JWP’s live and VOD streaming products to enable it to expand content reach across multiple platforms.

Customers will have simplified workflow that boosts FAST channel management and monetisation for content operators, with access to global distribution across owned and operated properties and third-party aggregator, vMVPD, and CTV platforms.

“Our partnership with Bitcentral is an important step in evolving JWP’s video monetisation capabilities for today’s market,” said Christopher Cunningham, vice president, global partnerships with JWP. “Through Bitcentral, we can expand our all-in-one video solution with FAST capabilities and monetisation. The partnership aligns with one of JWP’s primary goals to enable our customers to extend their cross-platform reach to new audiences highly valued by brands and marketers.”

Greg Morrow, GM, streaming media group, Bitcentral, said: “We are delighted to be working with JW Player to ensure it stays ahead of the curve and delivers winning solutions to customers without the challenges, costs, and complexities of working with multiple vendors. Bitcentral boasts a comprehensive portfolio of tools that are perfect for media companies looking to better connect with audiences and monetise their content – in the most simple and economically efficient way possible.”

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