Globecast taps Net Insight for move to new facility


Media solutions provider Globecast has tapped Net Insight following its move to its new LA-based facility to help enable the company’s continuing transition from SDI to an IP-based infrastructure

Globecast’s Westlake Village Studios facility made use of Net Insight’s Nimbra 1060 platform which provides scalability, flexibility, and reliability for Globecast’s media transport operations. The platform is designed to support IP-based workflows, providing seamless integration with virtualised and cloud technologies. This partnership will enable Globecast to expand its service offerings and empower its customers to drive cost and operational efficiencies.

France Télévisions also turned to Net Insight’s Nimbra edge technology last year to deliver media over IP and cloud netwoks in combination with Globecast’s cloud infrastructure between local studios across nine territories and eight press agencies.

“We’re excited to be part of Globecast’s transition to a next-generation IP-based media ecosystem,” said Net Insight CEO Crister Fritzson. “IP opens the door to operational efficiencies and monetization opportunities for media operators and content providers. Our flagship solution is well-versed to enable industry players to innovate and get ahead of the curve.”

“We have been working closely with Net Insight to empower industry players’ seamless and efficient transition to IP-based workflows,” said Chris Pulis, CTO at Globecast Americas. “IP and cloud technologies define the future of media. The advanced capabilities and robust performance of Net Insight’s solutions will help us achieve greater service elasticity and operational efficiency, ensuring we continue to meet the highest quality standards for our customers.”

Globecast expects the move to Westlake Village Studios will be completed by the end of Q1 2024.

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