Dataxis: producers diverging on US FAST strategy

Fremantle’s Supermarket Sweep is the producer-created FAST channel with the greatest monthly reach in the US, followed by Sony’s Game Show Central and BBC Studios’ Classic Doctor Who, according to a survey by research outfit Dataxis.

Sony, BBC Studios and Fremantle dominate the FAST channel universe created by production companies and distributed via the platforms of big tech companies and device manufacturers such as Amazon, Roku and Samsung TV Plus, according to Dataxis.

While broadcast groups such as Sinclair, with 112 channels and Hearst, with 100, along with groups such as Comcast – which distribute FAST via Peacock and Hulu – provide more FAST channels overall, production outfits are increasingly tapping into the opportunity provided by tech companies’ platforms including Roku, Xumo, Freevee, Samsung TV Plus and Vizio, according to Dataxis.

Unscripted channels account for two thirds of the total FAST channels from the BBC, Sony, Fremantle and Banijay, with the latter providing one main channel – The Price is Right, rated number four in terms of reach. Single IP channels – dedicated to one particular show – account for 44% of available channels.

While BBC Studios combines single IP channels with themed channels such as BBC Cook, Fremantle focuses almost exclusively on single IP channels and Sony on multi-title channels.

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