Ofcom fines RevealMe owner Tapnet for failing to provide information to deadline

Ofcom’s HQ

UK media watchdog Ofcom has fined the owner of video-sharing platform and OnlyFans rival RevealMe after the company failed to respond to a statutory request for information.

Ofcom fined Yorkshire-based Tapnet Ltd £2,000 for failing to provide information requested by the regulator by its deadline. Following a formal investigation, Ofcom ruled that the company had breached its rules.

The regulator said that in deciding the level of the fine, it had taken into account he size of the company and that the information was ultimately provided to Ofcom swiftly after the opening of its investigation.

Under legislation passed by Parliament, Ofcom’s is tasked with ensuring that UK-based video-sharing platforms have appropriate measures in place to protect users from certain types of harmful material in videos.

The probe followed an Ofcom report last year that found that smaller UK-based adult sites have failed to pout in place adequate measures to prevent children from accessing pornography.

The regulator has obliged adult sites to lay out a roadmap of implementation of age verification, with the threat that sites that fail to comply could face enforcement action.

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