UK govt looks to bring FAST under Ofcom’s Broadcasting Code

The UK government has unveiled plans to bring the content of online TV channels such as FAST services available via connected TVs under the remit of media regulator Ofcom for the first time. The government also plans a review of the future of TV distribution, including digital-terrestrial service Freeview, satellite, cable and online TV. Culture […]

Ofcom says no to relaxation of PSB advertising rules

UK regulator Ofcom has decided not to remove stricter TV advertising rules that apply only to commercially-funded public service broadcasters in the country. The commercial public service broadcasting (PSB) channels – ITV, STV, Channel 4, S4C and Channel 5 – are subject to tighter advertising restrictions than non-PSB commercial channels, such as ITV2, 5USA and Pick. The […]

GB News in breach of Ofcom’s impartiality rules over interview with Chancellor

UK media regulator Ofcom has found controversial UK broadcaster GB News in breach of its impartiality rules following an interview with Chancellor of the Exchequer, Jeremy Hunt MP on Saturday Morning with Esther and Phil, aired earlier this year. On March 11, the weekly talk show fronted by Conservative MPs Esther McVey and Philip Davies featured […]

Ofcom: UK broadband speeds on the up, video streaming becoming more reliable

UK broadband speeds are continuing to rise, with upload speeds rising faster than download, according to the latest research into the performance of home broadband services by media and telecoms watchdog Ofcom. According to Ofcom, the average download speed was 69.4 Mbps in March 2023, a 17% increase year-on-year, as people have upgraded to higher-bandwidth […]

Ofcom opens four new investigations into GB News

UK media watchdog Ofcom has opened four new investigations into right-wing news channel GB News’s compliance with its due impartiality rules. The first investigation concerns an episode of Friday Morning with Esther and Phil, which aired on 12 May. During the programme, there was discussion about a range of issues including relating to a teenager who was being […]

Ofcom Media Nations: UK broadcast viewing saw biggest ever fall in reach in 2022

The decline in broadcast TV viewing in the UK accelerated last year, with the weekly reach of broadcast experiencing its biggest ever annual drop. According to media watchdog Ofcom’s latest Media Nations report, broadcast TV’s weekly reach fell from 83% in 2021 to 79% in 2022, the biggest-ever annual drop. The long-term decline in viewing […]

Ofcom: GenZ turn to social media for news

Young people – GenZ – are increasingly abandoning mainstream TV news in favour of social media, according to UK media watchdog Ofcom. According to regulator’s News Consumption in the UK 2022/3 report, older teens and young adults aged 16-24 are much more likely to consume news online than adults generally (83% vs 68%). Most GenZers […]

Ofcom investigates Virgin Media over complaints on contracts

UK watchdog Ofcom has launched an investigation into Virgin Media following complaints from customers that the company is making it difficult for them to cancel their services.  Ofcom said the review comes following a number of complaints it has received from Virgin Media customers who have tried to leave, but said the company had made it […]

Ofcom launches investigation into GB News ‘Don’t Kill Cash’ campaign

UK broadcasting watchdog Ofcom has opened an investigation into GB News following a complaint relating to its recently launched ‘Don’t Kill Cash’ campaign. The controversial broadcaster launched the ‘GB News Don’t Kill Cash’ petition which has requested the UK government introduces legislation to “protect the status of cash as legal tender and as a widely […]

UKs Ofcom probes right-wing news channels for possible rule breaches

UK media regulator Ofcom has opened two separate broadcast standards probes into programmes aired on controversial opinion-centred news channels GB News and News UK-owned rival Talk TV. The first probe into a State of the Nation episode on GB News on May 9 will look at whether programed complied with rules which prevent politicians from […]

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