YouTube boosts subscription plan costs

YouTube TV has announced it will boost its monthly subscription plan to $64.99 per month to $72.99 per month, after three years.

The new price change was introduced yesterday (16 March) for new customers and will come into effect for existing members on or after 18 April.

YouTube TV offering will continue to include 100+ channels, a DVR with unlimited storage, up to 6 accounts per household, and 3 concurrent streams. No additional fees are required for broadcast, HD, set-top box, or DVR.

Alongside the subscription price change, YouTube also revealed it will reduce the price of YouTube’s 4K Plus add-on from $19.99/mo to $9.99/mo.

A spokesperson for YouTube TV commented the change marks the company’s efforts to deliver “the best possible TV service” to its members.

They added, “we are committed to offering a premium way for you to stream TV, but understand this new price may not work for you. We do hope YouTube TV continues to be your service of choice, but we want to give you the flexibility to cancel at any time.”

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