Motorcycling Federation launches live OTT streaming service

The Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM), tthe global governing body of motorcycle racing, has launched its own OTT streaming platform.

The FIM OTT platform, FIM-MOTO.TV, is kicking off with an initial live broadcast the finals of the FIM Ice Speedway Gladiators at Inzell in Germany.

The FIM has said it has adopted a strategy of broadcasting only live content on FIM TV.

Further live broadcasts are also planned from TrialGP, the ISDE and the FIM Awards ceremony, with a potential of 65 hours of live coverage during the season for what the organisation described as a nominal per event fee. Covering during March will however be free.

Jorge Viegas, FIM president, said: “I feel that this is a proud and important moment for the FIM, and shows our commitment to strengthening the disciplines that we directly manage and our continued efforts to help take these amazing sports to new and wider audiences via this new digital platform. The FIM OTT service has huge potential and will deliver a new a deeper experience for the fans, with the convenience of being able to watch live events and other content via a range of devices whether they are at home or on the move.”

Fabio Muner, FIM marketing and digital director, said: “OTT is an incredibly exciting development and one which fits perfectly with our audience. It will make FIM content instantly accessible and allow us to offer a premium, exclusive video experience. We consider it not only more effective for the promotion of this discipline, but also for other World Championships like TrialGP and 6Days, to broadcast these series LIVE directly on an FIM platform where our fans will be able to have an immersive experience in these different motorcycling championships and on a platform that can be easily watched on a mobile device too. This new FIM OTT platform will enable us to offer incredible live entertainment while at the same time allowing us to engage and interact with our audience.”

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