wedo movies FAST channel does trial run in Germany’s DVB-C networks

Video solutions AG, cable operators and and the German cable industry trade association Deutsche Netzmarketing (DNMG) have banded together to launch a pilot distribution project of the FAST channel wedo movies in Germany’s DVB-C networks.

The pilot project is designed to be a blueprint for various other FAST channels aiming to expand into the DVB-C networks of DNMG network operators in the future.

The partnership marks wedomovies as the first FAST channel to be broadcasted on the DVB-C cable network.

Phase one of the trial distribution of the channel will focus on TV sets with Internet access to enable targeted advertising, with phase two extending to all TV sets that do not have Internet access.

“With DNMG, and, we have three strong partners who share our vision of the television of the future. Instead of struggling through the time-consuming, confusing on-demand offer, more and more viewers are discovering the clearly defined programme colours of the FAST Channels, which provide them with exactly what they want to watch, free of charge, around the clock. For advertising partners, this opens up new, attractive opportunities to address target groups in a precisely tailored manner,” said Phillipp Rotermund, CEO & Founder of Video Solutions AG.

“We are very pleased to be able to show FAST Channels a way to exploit their content in DVB-C networks and to monetise it even better through individual advertising. This means that FAST Channels are no longer dependent on streaming and OTT providers, but can now finally reach the “middle of society” via the networks of our more than 200 network operators. The gateway to over 5 million TV households is now wide open for FAST Channels,” added Damian Lohmann, senior manager partner relations at DNMG.

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