EZDRM debuts WebRTC-DRM for low-latency streaming

Content security specialist EZDRM has developed a new, patent pending WebRTC-DRM solution to facilitate low-latency streaming applications without compromises on the use of studio-approved DRM security, it said.

With demand for low-latency live streaming growing, use cases for WebRTC include eSports, wagering, auctions, meetings/town halls, and live events such as concerts and sports matches.

According to EZDRM, these applications have been limited till now by an incomplete and non-standard approach to the integration of content security.
The company has developed a solution based on standard encoding technologies and an integration with native client-side, hardware-supported content security functionality.

EZDRM says it is now possible to build a low-latency WebRTC application and be assured that your content is as well protected as it is in typical HTTP ABR delivery systems.
The company says the solution can be built into any existing WebRTC media workflow, enabling Inherently ultra low-latency WebRTC streaming delivery, with multi-DRM support, across Widevine, PlayReady, FairPlay, WisePlay.

It says it provides flexibility in use of DRM-managed robustness controls, including video output protection, via the client-native CDM.

The company says the solution follows open standards for player integration, including support for typical analytics monitoring tools.

Both CBCS and CTR media encryption types are supported for legacy device support.

EZDRM says the solution is built on open standards for both live and VOD streaming, enables standard SSAI monetization models of personalized advertising with no compromise on stream interception, supports layered security using session-based watermarking technologies, and can work in parallel with typical-latency ABR delivery of the same content streams to standard HTTP clients.
“The EZDRM WebRTC-DRM solution is designed to work with all WebRTC server-side technologies and a full range of HTML5 players and native apps for full DRM support,” said David Eisenbacher, CEO and Co-founder of EZDRM.

“With this novel approach, we extend the applications of our DRMaaS to a new range of low-latency applications and businesses.”

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