Papercup: Mexicans prefer AI dubbing to subtitles

A YouGov poll of 1,002 Mexican adults has found that 58% of those polled preferred watching content localized with AI dubbing over a subtitled equivalent, with the strongest preference displayed by those who watch the least foreign language TV.

The study was commissioned by AI dubbing specialist Papercup, which provided dubbing for the Mexican study. Papercup offers an AI and machine learning-based system that localizes videos into other languages using synthetic voices.

YouGov found that of those watching less than two hours of localized video per week, 71% of this audience preferred video localised through AI.

The research commissioned by Papercup found that an estimated 41% of the Mexican population currently watch less than two hours of foreign language video per week, but that over 71 million people, or 86% of the population, consume foreign language content weekly.

The study asked viewers to watch identical clips of a sample of factual programming, and asked to state their preference between the version localized by traditional subtitles and the one using Papercup’s AI-driven dubbing technologies.

Among individuals who watch no foreign language content whatsoever, the figure preferring dubbing was 82%.

“With more than 71 million adults watching localized content on a weekly basis, Mexico has long been a key foreign market for international media companies,” said Papercup CEO Jesse Shemen.

“These figures make it clear that a strong majority of all viewers prefer AI dubbed content to traditional subtitles, but they also show the potential of these technologies to grow revenue from previously untapped groups. AI has a critical role to play in the future of the media and entertainment sector. Those who fail to consider it will fall behind.


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