Digi records strong growth for 2022

Romania-based international cable and pay TV outfit Digi saw its revenue, earnings and subscriber total all rise significantly last year, with the company seeing its base of revenue-generating units grow by 15.4% to over 20.8 million.

Group revenues were up by 18.3% compared to the previous year, reaching €1.5 billion. Adjusted EBITDA saw an increase of 7.4%, from year to year, up to €506 million.

In terms of subscriber growth Digi said that mobile telephony stood out as the leading offering among the group’s service segments. Continuing the pace of growth from previous years, the number of mobile RGUs reached 9.1 million.

In Romania, the mobile services segment reached 4.9 million RGUs, up 18.1%, from year to year.

Fixed internet services saw an increase of 11.2%, compared to the previous year, up to 4.2 million RGUs, while the pay TV segment (cable and satellite) increased 5.9% year-over-year to 5.4 million RGUs.

The more recently launched Spanish operation saw strong growth of the telephony and fixed internet user base, up 74% compared to the previous year, to 1.1 million RGUs. The number of mobile users increased by 27.7% and reached a total of 3.8 million RGUs.

Digi also recently obtained, through a deal with Citymesh, part of the IT Cegeka group, rights to use some frequencies in the mobile spectrum in Belgium, with the intention of providing telecom services, taking the number of countries the group is active in to five.

“Analysing retrospectively the Group’s activity during 2022, we can say that it was a defining stage in our recent development, a year in which we consolidated our position, not only in Romania, but and in Europe. For the second year in a row, we managed to expand our activities in different countries, and at the same time to acquire additional spectrum in Romania,” said Serghei Bulgac, general manager of Digi Communications.

“We are grateful for the trust of our customers and partners! We will continue to invest in state-of-the-art networks to ensure access to efficient and affordable services for as many consumers as possible. At the same time, I express my gratitude to our colleagues, who contributed to achieving the remarkable results.”

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