YouTube’s Susan Wojcicki steps down, hands baton to Neal Mohan

YouTube’s long-serving CEO Susan Wojcicki has become the latest high-profile media industry figure to leave her role in recent months. Wojcicki, who held the post for nine years, announced the news herself in a farewell blog on the company’s website.

Calling the decision to join Google “one of the best decisions of my life”, she said: “Over the years, I’ve worn many hats and done so many things: managed marketing, co-created Google Image Search, led Google’s first Video and Book search, as well as early parts of AdSense’s creation, worked on the YouTube and DoubleClick acquisitions, served as SVP of Ads, and for the last nine years, the CEO of YouTube. Today, after nearly 25 years here, I’ve decided to step back and start a new chapter focused on my family, health, and personal projects.”

Wojcicki also used her blog to explain the company’s succession plan: “When I joined YouTube nine years ago, one of my first priorities was bringing in an incredible leadership team. Neal Mohan was one of those leaders, and he’ll be the SVP and new head of YouTube. With all we’re doing across Shorts, streaming, and subscriptions, together with the promises of AI, YouTube’s most exciting opportunities are ahead, and Neal is the right person to lead us.”

In the short term, Wojcicki says she plans to “support Neal and help with the transition, which will include continuing to work with some YouTube teams, coaching team members, and meeting with creators. In the longer term, I’ve agreed with (Google CEO Sundar Pichai) to take on an advisory role across Google and Alphabet. This will allow me to call on my different experiences over the years to offer counsel and guidance across Google and Alphabet companies.”

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