Airties delivers Smart WiFi to YouSee customers

The Wifi solutions specialist Airties has entered into a parternship with the Danish company YouSee, where it will provide a portfolio of Smart Wifi software and services to support the company’s broadband subscribers across Denmark.

Airties specialises in cloud-based managed in-home Wi-Fi solutions, serving ISPs with a combined footprint of over 80 million households across the world.

YouSee is owned by the service provider Nuuday, it is one of Denmark’s largest telecommunications companies providing a wide range of services including Internet, TV, and mobile voice.

The company has deployed Airties’ Smart Wi-Fi SaaS offering, which includes Airties Edge smart Wi-Fi software for gateways; Airties Cloud, a Wi-Fi management platform, and a customized version of Airties’ Vision app.

“As Denmark’s largest broadband provider, YouSee’s priority is to bring the best possible connectivity and user experience for all our customers – whether on cable, DSL or fiber,” said Jesper Korsskov, senior vice president of Connectivity, YouSee at Nuuday. “Airties helps ensure we deliver a premium Wi-Fi service, with ultra-fast speeds and complete in-home coverage for all.”

Metin Taskin, CEO and CTO of Airties. “YouSee is committed to delivering an exceptional experience, and we look forward to supporting their efforts to deliver consistent, high-quality, and secure connectivity throughout their customers’ homes.”

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