US consumes 123% more data than Europe, says Plume

US households consumed 123% more data on average per month than European households, according to WiFi specialist Plume.

Examining data gathered from Plume-powered smart homes between November 2021 and November 2022, it was revealed the most notable category for increased data consumption was streaming devices.

Plume recorded households in the US had 31% more connected devices to their home networks more than European households. Google was the most popular brand having added more devices than Apple, at 16% and 10% respectively. Lifestyle and IoT devices grew particularly fast, with smart speakers up 30%, e-readers by 33% and smart light bulbs by 30%.

In 2022, the number of threats blocked by Plume increased in both the US and Europe, by 162% and 167% respectively. The study also pointed to the infrastructure getting better with networks improving at similar rates in both the US and Europe. There was a 23% and 20% increase in download speed respectively.

David Huynh, chief product officer at Plume said, “we will see an explosion in smart thermostats, smart radiators, smart controller devices, or similar permutations. CSPs in Europe will need to figure out how to work in this ecosystem of connected home devices – how to deploy these services and how to provide the user interfaces to help consumers and small businesses manage their energy usage.”

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