NOS launches premium Wi-Fi Total service with Plume

Portuguese multiplay service provider NOS has launched Wi-Fi Total, a new premium WiFi offering that includes individual home diagnosis, installation, 24/7 technical support and permanent remote monitoring of quality. 

Positioning itself as a ‘consultant in Wi-Fi’ NOS said it had evolved its previous Power Wi-Fi offering to a simpler and more complete service, encompassing installation, evaluation and certification by specialists and bringing to the market a differentiated offer, focusing on the provisioning and quality of Wi-Fi.

The operator has develop its own app to enable technicians to carry out an assessment of Wi-Fi requirements throughout a house, analysing its characteristics and configuration, in order to determine the equipment needed, as well as the ideal locations for its installation.
NOS will deploy Super Extenders that allow users to have multiple devices connected at the same time with boosted coverage and greater speed and stability, based on its own technicians’ assessement, the operator said.

The offering includes Adaptive Wi-Fi technology from Plume to ensure that the signal quality adapts to the requirements of each device.

NOS’s offering also includes the HomePass app for management, control and security. This allows users to check the quality of the connection, but also customise access to the network, creating personalised networks for visits or introducing a filter for inappropriate content for children. It also includes advanced security against computer threats, ad blocking and the possibility of sending alerts if movements are detected at home while the user is away.
Wi-Fi Total costs €9.99 per month. The service is also available for corporate customers.

“The introduction of new habits at home, such as teleworking, has increased the demand for the Wi-Fi service on which, today more than ever, we depend on to work, study or connect to the world,” said Daniel Beato, director of NOS.

“Therefore, it is essential to choose a service that considers both the needs and specificities of each client. Factors such as the location, the design of the installation site, the constitution of the walls and the greater or lesser use of equipment have an influence on the performance of the internet. The arrival of Wi-Fi Total ensures this quality, without fail, with the certification given by expert technicians and with maximum comfort for everyone. These features reflect, once again, a strong innovation and differentiation from the current offers on the market, which are essentially focused on the sale or rental of equipment”.

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