US operator Midco taps Plume for enhanced WiFi

US fibre-based service provider Midco has tapped WiFi specialist Plume to launch an enhanced WiFi offering, Midco Wi-Fi powered by Plume HomePass.

Midco Wi-Fi has tapped into Plume’s SaaS Experience platform, which includes OpenSync, its open-source framework for the smart home, in conjunction with Plume’s HomePass, a set of intelligent smart home services.

The recently updated HomePass mobile app provides access to:

Adapt, which optimises the home network to deliver greater Wi-Fi speed, coverage, and capacity throughout the home, Control, which provides visibility into what’s happening on a user’s network, Guard, which provides device protection and cybersecurity, and Sense, which uses Wi-Fi-connected devices and access points to provide motion detection through the home.

Midco fibre serves 480,000 homes and businesses in 400 communities in Kansas, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.

“Our goal has been to bring the industry’s best-managed Wi-Fi solution to our customers. As customers continue to demand higher speeds and the number of connected devices grows, home networks demand a flexible, adaptive Wi-Fi solution. Midco Wi-Fi is just that. It’s your home Wi-Fi network, designed to keep you connected and put the power in your hands,” said Tom McAdaragh, Midco president and COO.

“Plume is extremely proud to help Midco deliver an unparalleled internet experience by laying the foundation of fast, reliable, secure, and adaptive whole-home Wi-Fi, and layering highly personalized user and guest controls, AI-driven cybersecurity, and more on top. In partnership with Plume, Midco has introduced a market-leading solution that, through the trifecta of cloud, AI, and open-source, will keep pace with the ever-changing needs of the modern consumer,” said Erdem Mustafa, Plume’s VP, sales.

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