Video streaming in Europe and US up slightly during World Cup final

There were only marginal increases in streaming device data consumption during the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 final game among Europe and the US, according to Plume.

The WiFi specialist reported that Japanese consumers led video streaming during the match on 18 December between Argentina and France, after findings revealed a 109% increase in streaming device data consumption in Japan.

Whereas the study showed streaming device data consumption only went up by 11% in Europe and 28% in the US compared to last year, with broadcast television the most popular viewing medium for the free-to-air game.

Overall, Plume found among all territories there was an increase in smartphone usage. However Japan remained the leading territory for increase in usage across the smartphone, set-top box, and smart TV device categories.

David Huynh, chief product officer at Plume. “Plume’s indices suggest that on big game day, December 18, 2022, the majority of consumers in Europe and the U.S. relied on non-internet-based mediums to watch the action. However, in Japan, consumers turned to streaming with the online TV provider Abema providing all the games over the internet. This resulted in a 109% increase in streaming device usage, with increases in set-top box and smart TV usage of 156% and 171% respectively.”

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