Sky launches Entertainment OS 1.1

Sky is launching new features to its Sky Glass and Sky Stream operating system Entertainment OS.

Starting 4 February, Entertainment OS 1.1 will introduce personalised playlists, a new ‘Play’ voice command and enhanced bluetooth features on the system to help viewers watch and find content quicker.

Viewers will be able to create up to five unique playlists of TV shows they want to watch from the TV guide and with the new Cast and Crew rail on Show Pages viewers will be able to watch available content from a selection of actors or directors in the existing catalogue.

The ‘Play’ voice command also allows customers to highlight a show or movie with the remote and watch right away through voice command, whilst through the new Bluetooth feature customers can now listen via Bluetooth headphones at the same time as Sky Glass’ speakers are playing, in an aim to make the platform more accessible for customers with hearing difficulties while watching TV with the rest of their household.

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