John Ryley, long-serving head of Sky News, to step down in Spring 2023

Sky news head John Ryley is to step down next year. In an open letter, he said: “Being head of Sky News is one of the most exhilarating jobs in journalism. Nonetheless, after almost 40 years in the news business, 28 at Sky including 17 lucky years at the helm – I have decided, as of next year, to stop and leave Sky News behind.”

Referencing the untimely death of his wife, Ryley said: “Back in 2021 I informed Sky I wanted to continue as head of news for no more than two more years, reckoning the spring of 2023, three years after Harriet’s death, would be a fitting moment to stop daily journalism and start projects incompatible with leading a news organisation.”

Commenting on the service he has run for the last two decades, Ryley said: “Sky News is a successful, multi-platform news organisation with a strong bond of trust with our viewers, listeners, and above all, digital consumers. Sky News understands our audiences want journalists not only to report the news but to explain it too.”

Chair of the Sky News Board, Nigel Baker said: “John is an utterly brilliant news organisation head, having always had an understanding of what’s important in a story, what people are interested in and an ability to bring the news to people in a way they can really engage with. He has transformed Sky News from a broadcast news channel to a multi-platform news powerhouse.”

Ryley added: “In the coming weeks, a new head of Sky News will be appointed. I hope my successor believes in the value of eye-witness journalism putting our camera operators and journalists at the heart of the news and remembers Sky News – at its best – is a challenger brand, and that it’s not the cleverest or biggest news organisation that succeeds but the one most adaptable to change.”

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