SPI’s Dizi launches with Tmcel in Mozambique

Canal+-owned channel provider SPI/FilmBox has struck a deal with Moçambique Telecom SA (Tmcel) that allows Tmcel subscribers in Mozambique to access Turkish drama channel Dizi via Yabadoo, the African live TV streaming platform.

Dizi is included in the Pacote de Ouro package with Portuguese subtitles.

Yabadoo is a mobile application that lets viewers watch live TV channels without using their internet data on their smartphones, laptops or tablets.

“Our partnership with Tmcel for Dizi will surely excite the growing number of on-the-go fans of Turkish series in Mozambique who enjoy watching their favorite TV shows on their mobile devices. With Yabadoo, Tmcel subscribers can immerse themselves in the beautiful scenery and gripping storylines of the Dizi series without sacrificing their internet data and at their convenience,” said Georgina Twiss, MD Western Europe and Africa at SPI International.

“With this partnership, Tmcel clients, specially Dizi lovers, will have access, full time, to a variety of TV content, live and on demand. Not charging mobile data is a differentiator on this service that, through Tmcel, will bring emotion to every customer,” said Adil Ginaby, marketing manager of Tmcel.

“For a generation that’s on-the-go more often than not, streaming content through mobile and portable devices has become extremely valuable. Live TV and lean-back channels are still prominent models of consumption among many audiences across the world and we are delighted to cater to current audience demands by delivering one of our most popular channels through mobile via Yabadoo in Mozambique,” said Haymi Behar, CMO and CDO at SPI International.

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