UK Culture Secretary Donelan calls BBC ‘a national asset’

Michelle Donelan

UK Culture Secretary Michelle Donelan struck a conciliatory tone about the future of UK public broadcaster the BBC in an interview with Sky News this weekend.

Questioned on the future of the 100 year-old broadcaster, she told Sky that the BBC “is a fantastic institution” that needs to be made “sustainable in the long-term”.

Donelan’s predecessor Nadine Dorries was widely viewed as hawkish on the future of the corporation, but Donelan said: “It’s a national asset, we need to inject fairness and choice into the system we pick, but any decisions will be informed by evidence.”

Donelan was more circumspect about the matter of Channel 4’s future. While she is expected to scrap proposed privatisation plans, she said “we’re reviewing the business case.”

Donelan’s final decision on C4 is expected to be revealed in an upcoming media bill, which is set to overhaul broadcasting laws to be fit for purpose in the digital age.

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