ITV rebrands to create joined up experience across broadcast and streaming

Ahead of the launch of its new streaming platform ITVX in December, UK media company ITV has given its entire channels portfolio a makeover. As of today, new channel branding, on-screen presentation and idents are across all on air channels.

Jane Stiller

ITV’s chief marketing officer Jane Stiller said: “We are using the launch of ITVX as a moment to give ITV’s broadcast channels a modern and fresh update too. This is all driven by a future where both broadcast and streaming will be equally crucial parts of how viewers engage with us. Viewers will see what we do in broadcast and streaming as much more joined up and we will be able to seamlessly cross promote across the platforms enabling greater content discovery. Everything will look and feel modern and relevant, with each platform or channel having a simple twist.”

ITV worked with DixonBaxi on the brand redesign. Jed Carter, design director, DixonBaxi said “a single coherent design system – bursting with personality – unites ITVX and ITV’s channels. A unified approach to logos, colour, typography, voice and motion connects the family of brands to create one connected brand experience while allowing each brand to express its own unique personality.”

As part of the refresh, ITV returns to ITV1, to give more equal footing to broadcast and streaming, with ITV1 and ITVX as key viewer destinations. In a break from tradition, the concept for ITV’s idents spans the entire network, rather than just one channel.


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