Sky Glass goes on sale in Italy

Sky Glass, the pay TV operator’s integrated smart TV, has gone on sale in Italy.

The Italian launch, which comes 11 months after Sky Glass started selling in the UK, will see smart TVs on sale, priced from €697 for a 43-inch model, €995 for a 55-inch version and €1,293 for a 65-inch model.

Buyers who don’t already have a Sky subscription must purchase the pay TV operator’s Entertainment Plus package, which includes access to Netflix and is available for €19.90 for the first 18 months.

Features yet to launch include video calling in partnership with Zoom, and a Watch Together functionality developed with Microsoft.

The Italian launch comes after Sky delayed the launch of the product in Germany until next year.

The pay TV operator told local press that the company was focusing on the rollout of its streaming service Wow and would launch the integrated TV at the optimal time.

Sky launched Sky Glass in Ireland in August as its second market after the UK.

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