Turk Telekom launches new IPTV platform with ZTE

Fixed-line operator Turk Telekom has announced a partnership with telco services provider ZTE to launch a new IPTV/OTT platform.

ZTE has successfully completed the cutover of nearly one million set-top boxes (STBs), the integration with over ten third-party vendors, and the delivery of more than ten types of terminals and over a thousand customised functions. The new platform adopts an integrated video platform architecture and supports smooth evolution, providing brand-new viewing experiences for users.

Partnering with ZTE has allowed the company to build a new video platform integrating both IPTV and OTT. This platform features an entirely new UI and is accessible on a wide range of devices including Android TV STB, Smart TV, iOS/Android mobile devices, and PC.

All the subscribers of Turk Telekom have been migrated to ZTE’s new platform, with the operator having more than 10 million subscribers.

ZTE serves over 200 million users from more than 12 commercial cases in over 40 countries.

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