Nuevo Siglo taps TiViCon dongle for streaming offering

Uruguayan cable operator Nuevo Siglo has adopted the DVB-cable TV dongle for Android TV devices produced by Korea-based technology outfit TiViCon to deliver a streaming service for its cable network for its subscribers across Uruguay.

TiViCon says that enabling easy to access to the media, its one-place-for-all-content technology will enable end users easily to access a tailored content mix of DVB and OTT streamed media.

TiViCon’s pay TV dongle, one of its first, comes integrated with what it describes as a high level of content security/conditional access. The integration of the TiViCon SDK into Nuevo Siglo’s NSNOW OTT solution provided Nuevo Siglo’s cable network with a quick entry into the Android TV world, according to TiViCon.

The technology outfit said that its dongle gives added value for end customers and opens the way to new business opportunities for Nuevo Siglo.

NSNOW is a streaming offering launched by Nuevo Siglo, one of six major pay TV companies operating in the Uruguayan market alongside TCC, Montecable, Multiseñal, DirecTV and Cablevisión.

“We are delighted to launch with Nuevo Siglo the Cable TV Dongle for Android TV devices, one of the greatest innovations in the Broadcast Industry of 2022, for the Uruguay market. TiViCon approaching the OTT Hybrid market from a totally different perspective with simplest entry for broadcast operator into the Android World. We are excited to set the new standard in the market with Nuevo Siglo. The Plug and Play Cable TV Dongle solution will open new opportunities for business in home and hospitality,” said Eric Myoung, head of project management of TiViCon.

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