Smart TV domination in Germany

Smart TVs make up almost the entire TV market in Germany.

According to the latest GfK SE Deutsche TV-Plattform report, a total of 2.7 million televisions were sold in Germany by the end of July 2022. Smart TVs sales made up 96% of the total (2.5 million), up two percentage points on the previous year. 

Three out of four TVs sold in the year were Ultra HD sets (2.0 million units). Of that total 99% support at least one High Dynamic Range (HDR) process. Some 83% of those HDT TVs support a dynamic HDR process that defines the desired picture impression per scene or frame – this was up from 80% in 2021.

In terms of size, screens larger than 50 inches made up 55% of the total sales in Germany in 2022 to date (1.4 million sets). A fifth (20%) of German TV buyers opted for a screen size of 65 inches or larger.

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