UEI launches pair of remote designs at RDK Tech Summit

Remote control-maker Universal Electronics Inc (UEI) has announced the release of two new voice remotes for RDK.

The remotes made their debut at the 2022 RDK Tech Summit, with RDK boasting the support of hundreds of partner companies and being deployed by more than 30 operators.

The new designs have been named ‘UEI Tatlow’ and ‘UEI Logan’. Tatlow is a high-performance voice remote with a premium keypad and optional full backlight, while Logan is a premium voice remote. Both are designed to control live, recorded, and on-demand TV, and are equipped with automated set-up and control experience QuickSet.

UEI said that it is collaborating with the RDK community to integrate voice and universal control as part of the RDK Accelerator Programme, which is designed to make it easier for  operators to adopt the RDK platform and launch products.

Steve Gutman, SVP of Global Sales for Video Service Providers at UEI, said: “We are looking forward to helping customers around the world on the RDK platform to include advanced convenience features such as voice control and automated set-up of their TV and audio devices including soundbars and AV receivers.”

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