Amogo Networx to launch fast channels with Wurl

CTV and OTT advertising platform operator Wurl has announced an agreement with global film network Amogo Networx to launch its new FAST channels.

The Wurl-powered FAST channels will distribute and monetize Amogo Networx’s programming across the United States, the European Union and Latin America in six total languages. They will be available across a variety of CTV platforms including SamsungTV, LG, RakutenTV and Roku. 

Amogo Networx channels include Grjngo, Bjgtjme Movies, financial documentary channel Moconomy and classic movie channel Artflix.

Amogo executive Peter von Ondarza, said: “We’ve been incredibly proud of our traction in the space, something we’ve achieved fairly rapidly, thanks to our programming and audience development strategies. Our partnership with Wurl marks a turning point as we expand globally and there is no better partner, as we launch our much anticipated FAST channels, to take us to the next level.”

Wurl chief operating officer, Sean Doherty, Jr, said: “Amogo Networx’s growth from a YouTube channel to a full on movie channel is a wonderful case study in the possibilities when content creation and delivery of content over the internet meet. Partnering to deliver Amogo’s FAST channels will be another stone in the yellow brick road to our destination: the democratization of access to content through ad supported platforms.”

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