RDK surpasses 100 million devices globally

RDK deployments have now surpassed 100 million devices, according to RDK Management. The organisation that manages the open source software platform said that the number of RDK devices deployed globally had risen to 100 million, up from 80 million last year. RDK is currently deployed across leading service providers throughout Europe, North America, Latin America, […]

UEI launches pair of remote designs at RDK Tech Summit

Remote control-maker Universal Electronics Inc (UEI) has announced the release of two new voice remotes for RDK. The remotes made their debut at the 2022 RDK Tech Summit, with RDK boasting the support of hundreds of partner companies and being deployed by more than 30 operators. The new designs have been named ‘UEI Tatlow’ and […]

Redge Media teams up with Beacon for Android TV and RDK

Poland-based technology outfit Redge Media has teamed up with Korean set-top specialist Beacon to provide integrated product offerings primarily covering the Android and RDK ecosystems for online or hybrid environments. Redge Media provides a technology platform for building online TV encompassing encoders, origin, CDN, Multi-DRM and player for video delivery. For service delivery it also […]

DTVKit unveils RDK white label set-top

UK-based not-for-profit DVB software organisation DTVKit has teamed up with some of its members including RDK, Mediatek, EKT and OBS to develop an RDK-based white label hybrid set-top box. The group said it was seeking to meet the needs of OEMs and smaller satellite operators to test and evaluate RDK and DTVKit as a full […]

Technicolor passes RDK milestone

Technicolor Connected Home has deployed over 20 million RDK broadband gateways for service providers globally. Technicolor made an early commitment to provide RDK-B software to broadband network service providers in 2016 and the company says it has seen rising demand every year since. RDK is an open-source software platform that standardizes core functions used in […]

Tata Consultancy Services launches RDK solutions

IT services outfit Tata Consultancy Services has struck a partnership with service provider technical standards body the RDK and has launched the TCS Connected Consumer Home solution based on the RDK platform. TCS Connected Consumer Home is described as a solution that simplifies customization, enables device management, enhances the service provider’s control over software roadmaps, […]

RDK4 now available, Humax unveils new RDK voice assistant box and gateway

Open source video and broadband platform body RDK Management has made the latest version of the platform – RDK4 – available for video service providers worldwide. Unveiled fully at the 2020 RDK Virtual Euro Summit, RDK4 provides a carrier-grade software stack designed for deploying apps and managing core technical functions of set-top boxes, according to […]

Skyworth launches first RDK Video Accelerator box

Set-top giant Skyworth Digital has launched its first RDK Video Accelerator box after joining the RDK Video Accelerator Programme. The device is based on an Amlogic chipset. Skyworth’s new reference OTT set-top comes pre-integrated with the RDK application framework and the Metrological App Store. Skyworth’s RDK Video Accelerator is a UHD IP-set top, running on […]

Humax launches range of RDK devices

Set-top and gateway provider Humax has launched a range of RDK devices for pay TV operators. The company has also joined the RDK Video Accelerator programme and announced its first RDK Video Accelerator 4K IP reference set-top box.  Humax’s RDK Video Accelerator set-top box is pre-integrated with the RDK application framework and the Metrological App […]

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