Disney+ attracts 1.9m in first week of Polish launch

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Streamer Disney+ attracted more than 1.9 million viewers within a week of launching in Poland, according to figures compiled by Nielsen.

According to data from Nielsen Media, viewers most often watched content from the Disney+ website on large screens – TV sets or PCs/laptops – with over 81% of viewership of the website taking place on these devices.

Over 1.2 million viewers watched video content from Disney+ on TV screens, and almost 430,000 watched on computer screens.

Viewers spent one hour and 13 minutes watching videos on the service on average per day.

According to Nielsen streaming data, the total viewership of Disney+ was 1.9 million people in the first seven days. This equates to about 700 000 more people than viewed rival streamer HBO Max in the first seven days after its launch in March.

“Polish viewers were really interested in trying new content offered by Disney+, and almost 400,000 viewers took advantage of the platform’s video offer already on the day of its premiere. Viewers who decided to watch the content on the platform, watched it an hour and 13 minutes a day on average, which is above the average viewership of OTT video platforms,” said Michał Buszko, advanced measurement manager at Nielsen.

“From the point of view of viewers’ habits, the service follows similar rituals to other services from the SVOD category, such as Netflix or HBO Max: viewers prefer to watch them on large screens, and they spend much more time on weekends using them. We will be curious to follow the further development of this streaming service.”

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