STN launches configurable video player

STN Video has launched what it claims to be the industry’s only fully configurable video player.

The next generation player offers features that promise to simplify workflows while providing  player configurations based on desired user experience and additional STN monetisation options.

STN said that it is offering publishers ‘unlimited player configurability’ via one embed code. It added that publishers will be able to “seamlessly configure” any combination of: content delivered; player functionality by template type; player functionality by geo-location; user experience for subscribers versus anonymous visitors; player position by template and viewport; functionalities and settings; and custom look and feel.

The company noted that test cases have seen a 15% increase in impressions delivered, along with a 20% increase in viewability.

Matthew Watson, CEO of STN Video, said: “We’re able to configure a different experience in each section of our publishers’ sites to enhance user experience and improve engagement while bringing publishers new, optimised revenue opportunities. Video has become necessary in today’s publishing world. Publishers choose STN’s turnkey OVP to access premium, exclusive content and technology along with robust monetization opportunities.”

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