Filmzie launches FAST channel on TCL TVs in US

Free movie and TV streaming platform Filmzie is expanding its North American presence with the launch of its first US FAST channel on TCL TVs.

The launch follows that of Filmzie on Roku in the US in December 2021.

The channel integration allows viewers across the US access to Filmzie’s curated original programming, with a focus on full-length feature films via the TCL Channel.

The channel is available on TCL TV devices running on Android as well as Roku TVs, where viewers can also find films from the wider Filmzie slate instantly without any membership fees.

Films that will be available on the channel include Ink, Detour, Forever Strong, Shadows in the Sun (starring Joshua Jackson), The Deal (starring Michael Sheen), Neighbours, A Billion Lives, Love Sick and Style Wars. 

Matej Boda, CEO of Filmzie, said: “With the launch of a free-to-all channel in the USA we’re bringing our quality slate of accessible content to even more viewers. It also represents our commitment to democratising access to great film and TV. Our diverse slate of films from Shadows in the Sun to Neighbours has something for a broad range of US audiences and their varied preferences to enjoy.”

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