Orange Belgium launches new Android TV set-top

Orange Belgium has launched a new-generation 4K Android TV set-top, providing access to a range of content apps including Amazon Prime Video and Streamz, as well as access to Chromecast functionality and a new multiscreen cloud recording service.

A new interface offers direct access to to local content providers including VRT NU and RTBF Auvio. A number of apps come pre-installed accessible without opening a Google account.

Voice search and control are available via Google Assistant, with a microphone built into the remote control.

Recorded programmes are available via the Orange cloud, enabling users to access them from any device, whether that is their TV, or. Orange TV Plus app for smartphone, tablet and web.

Orange Belgium has also teamed up with streaming provider Streamz to offer the latter’s catalogue free of charge for three months.

According to Orange, the box is highly durable and both box and remote are designed to be environmentally sustainable, being energy efficient and made from recycled materials.

“This new generation of decoders doesn’t only mark the launch of a new device; it’s going to fundamentally transform the way we deliver content to our customers,” said Christophe Dujardin, chief consumer officer at Orange Belgium.

“Thanks to the integration of native applications and other functionalities, we are really giving them control of their consumption and enabling them to have new and innovative experiences. In offering one platform to several content providers, even local ones, we are supporting, in general the diversity of production and are enlarging the scope of experiences for our clients.”

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