Listen to the new episode of TV Watch with HBO Max global head Johannes Larcher

The latest episode of Digital TV Europe’s podcast TV Watch is now available to stream wherever you get your podcasts.

In the latest episode, host Jonathan Easton speaks with HBO Max global head Johannes Larcher to discuss the company’s expansion into 15 new European countries, plans for the future and its stance on the war in Ukraine.

Despite its ongoing mega merger with Discovery to create Warner Bros. Discovery, WarnerMedia is continuing its streaming drive with flagship product HBO Max.

The streamer first launched in the US in mid-2020, and has since gone on to establish itself as one of the big players in the market. HBO added 13.1 million subscribers in 2021 to reach a total of 73.8 million –  not quite Netflix or Disney+ levels, but it is active in significantly fewer markets with scope for expansion.

Johannes Larcher

The latest expansion for HBO Max is in Europe, adding 15 additional markets to the handful it initially rolled out to in October 2021. For those keeping track at home, HBO Max is now streaming in 61 territories worldwide, with this latest phase focusing on Eastern Europe. 

Larcher, charged with spearheading this drive, provides an inside view of the streamer’s strategy and why WarnerMedia is confident in its latest expansion drive.

TV Watch can be streamed via Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

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