Digicel picks Agama and Divitel for QA

Caribbean operator Digicel Group has announced a partnership with Agama and Divitel to deploy its monitoring solution for video quality assurance of OTT head-end in its video delivery network.

The tech will perform a complete monitoring of unicast and multicast streams, providing insights to manage critical issues that might have an impact on the end-user video experience.

Digicel currently serves customers in 32 markets in the Caribbean, Central America and Pacific. 

Divitel will deliver low/high-level designs, perform the installation, embed the solution within Digicel engineering teams, provide advice, training and set acceptable performance KPI’s and thresholds while offering first-line support to the different regional Digicel subsidiaries.

Mikael Dahlgren, CEO of Agama Technologies, said: “We’re pleased about the partnership with Divitel as their help to install and support our solution in Digicel’s complex environment ensures that our product is fully leveraged and the customer is well supported. Digicel is an old customer of Agama and we’re very happy to continue supporting them in transitioning from the traditional cable to OTT. I’m sure Digicel will make significant progress by adopting the new OTT technology.”

Hans Kornmann, CEO and founder of Divitel, said: “We are honoured that our partner Agama asked us to support this important customer of theirs. This project is right up our alley, aligning perfectly within our vision on the importance of data insights to maximise efficiency and move towards a not-so-distant future in which video distribution ecosystems are fully automated. The Agama solution fits the needs of Digicel perfectly.”

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