Roku opens Manchester office

Roku has announced the opening of a new office in Manchester, England.

The new office is located in Bruntwood SciTech’s No.1 Circle Square in the heart of a new “tech epicentre”, Roku said. This is Roku’s fourth office in the UK, joining bases in London, Cambridge and Cardiff. 

The Manchester team will be hiring more than 50 engineering roles before the end of 2022, while also offering three-month paid internships to local software engineers in the region. Initial recruitment will focus on product engineers who will work with Roku TV brand partners on developing Roku TV models.

While being better known in the US as the country’s top streaming platform by hours streamed, the company was founded by Manchester local Anthony Wood who continues to serve as CEO. 

Alastair McGeoch, director of software engineering, Roku said: “Roku was founded on the belief that all TV will be streamed. We are looking for the right talent to continue to change how the world watches television. Manchester is a city steeped in engineering history and famed for its cultural impact on the world, so it is a natural fit for us. In Manchester, we will primarily focus on recruiting software engineering roles in 2022, with the ambition to increase the size of our team there in the next four years. Manchester is Roku’s fourth UK office, following London, Cambridge and Cardiff and has an incredible talent pool. Roku is proud to be joining the city’s newest neighbourhood and growing tech sector.”

Gerry Grimstone, Minister for Investment, said: “Investment is central to our continued economic recovery; it creates jobs, encourages innovation and helps level up all four corners of the UK. Roku’s news to open a fourth UK office is testament to this, as well as the supportive and open business environment we provide for overseas investors.”

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