Xiaomi to expand linear TV service

Smartphone brand Xiaomi is taking its linear and on-demand TV service global in a partnership with Amagi.

Xiaomi has chosen Amagi to be its partner for linear TV and Video-On-Demand distribution, along with ad monetisation services. In the partnership Amagi would manage the workflows of multiple streaming TV channels and other Video-On-Demand assets for Xiaomi using Amagi Content Plus, and enable it to monetise the content using Amagi Thunderstorm. Xiaomi will also utilise Amagi Ads Plus, a virtual ad sales solution.

Srinivasan KA, co-founder, Amagi, said: “Xiaomi is the undisputed leader in smartphone and smart TV technology and distribution in Asia. We’re excited to see them venture into the linear TV ecosystem, partnering with premium content brands to boost their global growth and revenues. As their technology partner, Amagi is offering them agility and flexibility in key areas of their operations, helping them scale new heights quickly and effortlessly.”

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