NAGRA partners with International Bowling Federation launch StrikeCloud app

The International Bowling Federation (IBF) has announced a partnership with NAGRA to launch a new streaming app for the world of bowling.

Dubbed StrikeCloud, the digital transformation initiative promises “a gamified, content-rich loyalty app” which will give a global access point to the sport.

The app presents viewers access to thousands of competitions via a fully automated and personalised video and data capture. In addition to watching live and on-demand bowling, the app has other features including quizzes, polls and arcade games along with live and virtual training and an integrated rewards programme.

Nancy Goldberg, CMO & EVP Kudelski Group, said: “With IBF we are delivering an amazing digital and business transformation journey that exceeds industry expectations. Together, we are building a new level of loyalty, engagement and sport gamification for bowling with a bright business future for all stakeholders, that transcends the technology.” 

Andrew Oram, IBF CEO, said: “With StrikeCloud we have started an ambitious program that will enhance what is truly a dynamic sport for the 20-million fans of elite bowling and 225-million bowlers who regularly enjoy the sport at the 12,800 bowling centers across the globe. By working with NAGRA, we’re merging a broad spectrum of technologies and services with our wider global business vision to change the nature of the sport for all participants. This is the start of a major business transformation that will energise everyone involved in the sport of bowling and expand the sport to new levels.”

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