DTG’s D-Book makes HbbTV mandatory for first time

The Digital Television Group (DTG) has released D-Book 12.6 – the latest update that sets out the technical interoperability requirements for digital terrestrial and hybrid delivery television in the UK, underpinning Freeview, YouView, Freesat, EE TV, BT TV and TalkTalk TV. 

The latest edition of the D-Book mandates support for the HbbTV hybrid broadcast-broadband standard for the first time. D-Book 9 introduced the optional support of HbbTV, but the ongoing transition from the older UK-centric MHEG standard means that the latter now becomes optional, while HbbTV is mandatory.

Richard Lindsay-Davies

The DTG said that the move offers a unified standard that opens the market to a new range of services, while ensuring harmonisation with European and other international markets.

DTG Testing has also developed a DVB-I test suite that will provide a robust interoperability test regime and metadata, to support the future of TV and transition to IP in the UK.

Richard Lindsay-Davies, chief executive, DTG said“As we consider the future of television and how viewers access, consume and interact with TV it is clear that we need both agility and stability. The latest update to the D-Book – which remains the only technical standard universally deployed in UK televisions – mandates HbbTV for the first time. It means version 12.6 underpins and supports all innovative digital services, networks and devices in an increasingly globalised IP/broadcast TV market, while providing the stability and confidence industry needs to deliver safe access and inclusion for all UK digital TV consumers. From helping industry meet the new right to repair rules to adapting to the requirements of new legislation and regulation that 2022 will bring, the D-Book, and the DTG, remains at the very centre of the Digital Television ecosystem.”

Vincent Grivet, Chairman, HbbTV said, “HbbTV is very happy and honoured by the trust the UK TV players and the DTG place in our specification. This signal, coming from a very dynamic and sophisticated market which has been at the forefront of developments in many areas, says a lot about the value of a modern, open specification capable of delivering all relevant interactive TV services expected by consumers today. We are committed to keeping the specification up to the expectations and needs of the market, and we are convinced that it will continue to be recognized as being the right option by an increasing number of markets and industry players.”

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