Mware TV launches white label OTT service for Africa

Cloud-based multi-tenant platform MwareTV has launched a new white label OTT service for ISPs and telcos in Africa. 

The solution promises cost-effective deployment in a four-week period and includes 100 channels of ‘affordable’ African content, Mware TV said. 

The  MwareTV service is based around a ‘pay as you develop’ concept in order to present lower up-front costs and inexpensive subscription fees for subscribers.

The solution is fully customisable to represent each operator’s own branding, logo and identity.

Sander Kerstens, CEO of MwareTV, said: “At a time when Africa’s telco and streaming services are undergoing sustained expansion, MwareTV is able to provide a comprehensive end-to-end solution that provides a remarkable range of content to an ever-growing customer base. Developed to utilise existing infrastructure and allow viewers to watch TV on the device of their choice, it’s a genuine ‘plug and play solution’ without parallel in Africa at present. Underlining the appeal of the service, we are already in advanced talks with several major telcos and ISPs about deployments and expect to reveal details of the first few customers in the coming months.”

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