Teleste launches new 1.8 GHz amplifiers

Finnish tech company Teleste has introduced a new range of 1.8 GHz amplifiers to its ICON product family.

The company will launch two 1.8 GHz intelligent amplifiers to its ICON product platform designed for the North American cable broadband market and its requirements. The new ICON3100 1.8 GHz line extender and ICON4300 1.8 GHz system amplifier promise to provide cable MSOs with a future-proof solution for adopting higher frequencies in their networks and move towards 10G broadband services.

Speaking to press and analysts, Hanno Narjus, CEO of Teleste Intercept and Head of Teleste’s network business, described the company as being “in the heart of the cable access evolution to 10G,” and said that the “feasibility of 1.8 GHz upgrades has been proven.”

In addition to backwards compatibility, the new products support future DOCSIS 4.0 rollouts for the US market. The new format is expected to surpass DOCSIS 3.1 in the coming years, Narjus said, and maintain usage in the market through the 2030s.

The amplifiers are capable of high network performance and feature true plug-and-play functionality for easy alignments in the field with a press of a single button.

The intelligent amplifiers are available in North America through Teleste Intercept.

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