Google TV to add personalisation features

Google TV will add a number of personalisation features in an upcoming update, the company has announced.

Chief among these new features is the introduction of user profiles to the OS. This will provide tailored content suggestions to users based on who is accessing the device, adding a much requested level of order to the platform which previously collated all content into one feed.

Other features being added similarly focus on providing a greater individual experience, including profile specific watchlists and Google Assistant functionality based on each profile.

The update will rollout in November to Chromecast with Google TV devices, along with smart TVs running Google TV from TCL and Sony.

Also being added in the upcoming update are glanceable cards. Google TV currently presents a screensaver after a period of inactivity, but this new feature looks to present users with content suggestions while a TV is idle. The inactive TV can display personalised information including weather, news and sport stats, along with show, movie and podcast suggestions.

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