Pluto TV passes Latin American milestones

ViacomCBS-owned FAST channel offering Pluto TV has passed two key milestones in Latin America by reaching 100 channels in the 17 Spanish-speaking countries in the region and 50 channels in Portuguese-speaking Brazil.

Pluto TV said it now offers over 25,000 hours of premium content streaming to viewers in Latin America for free. The service offers an array of titles from more than 200 content partners

For Spanish-speaking countries, Pluto TV has announced one new channel that was added to the grid as of Tuesday – Pluto TV Filmstream, offering world cinema and classic movies.

For Braizl, the platform added three new channels – As Aventuras de Jacki Chan, Comedy Central Pluto TVand Nick Teen.

Popular channels in August for Spanish-speaking countries in Latin America include Pluto TV Cine EstelarSouth Park and Estrellas de Acción, and Pluto TV Cine SucessosSouth Park and Pluto TV Filmes Ação in Brazil.

Pluto TV is available, with some variation between countries, on its website as well as LG, Samsung Tizen and TV+, PlayStation, Hisense, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, iOS, Apple TV, Android Mobile, Android TV, Chromebook and Claro Box TV devices.

“We are thrilled with Pluto TV’s amazing performance in Latin America, where it has grown every month since its launch in early 2020,” said Eduardo Lebrija, EVP Chief Commercial Officer of ViacomCBS Networks Americas.

“With over 500 brands that have already invested in Pluto TV, we are now entering a phase of reinforcing and expanding our relationships with distribution partners that have found an added value for their users in Pluto TV.”

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