Sky to deliver OTT services from single global sales and service platform

Sky Deutschland has revamped the look and feel of its flexible streaming offering Sky Ticket had of Sky Group moving all its streaming services across Europe to a single sales and service platform.

Sky’s German operation has introduced a new-look Sky Ticket with a teal-green colour palette as part of a move to give a uniform visual identity to all of Sky’s streaming services in Europe. Sky Ticket is the German equivalent of Now in the UK and Italy.

The new identity for Sky Ticket is already visible on the web, TV screens and consoles and will be followed by other devices in the next few days.

This will be followed by the migration of Sky Ticket’s sales and service platform to Sky’s global OTT platform, which the operator says will result in a better experience and easier access to services.

Existing Sky Ticket customers will no longer have to log into their account to purchase additional passes within the app, enabling them to purchase access to content including Sky Originals, HBO and Showtime series and Bundesliga football matches more easily.

Sarah Jennings, Sky Ticket senior vice-president, said: “In future, our customers will be able to enjoy the Sky Ticket streaming service in a completely redesigned premium look. The move to the global OTT platform will allow us to benefit from the strength of the Sky Group to advance the development of our streaming offering and to offer our customers the best possible experience.”

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