Video-streaming and tourism drive mobile traffic growth for Vodafone Spain

Vodafone España has experienced a 30% upsurge in traffic on its mobile network over the summer compared with the same period last year, driven by video-streaming and by a revival of the tourist trade.

The operator said that the growth in data usage had been seen equally in big cities and in tourist areas such as coastal resorts.

The period between August 12-16 saw usage of the network peak, with the Levante and Andalucía regions seeing the biggest peaks in usage.

Traffic was driven by video-streaming of apps including youTube, Facebook Video, Instagram and TikTok, which have seen year-on-year growth of 168%, the company said.

Vodafone said that congestion on its network had reduced by 16.6% over the summer compared with last year, thanks to its investment in its network. It said that the network performance had been stable over the summer months, with improvement in its robustness and investment in continuous monitoring to quickly address incidents and problems.

The company said the revival of tourism had played a significant role in data usage, with roaming traffic up 40% on last year. However, roaming traffic remains below the level recorded in 2019, before the pandemic struck.

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