Curiosity takes minority stake in Nebula

Factual streaming company Curiosity – formerly known as CuriosityStream – has announced an investment in Nebula.

Nebula claims to be the world’s largest creator-owned streaming and technology platform, and features more than 140 creators including prominent YouTube personalities such as Jordan Harrod, Marques Brownlee BKA MKBHD and Lindsay Ellis. Such creators typically produce content for YouTube, but also make exclusive videos for Nebula.

The streamer, which is often already paired with CuriosityStream in promotional deals, has amassed more than 350,000 paying subscribers since launching in 2019. 

The total sum of Curiosity’s investment was undisclosed, but the company will attain a significant minority position in Nebula as well as board representation. The transaction values Nebula at more than US$50 million.

Nebula said that it will use the investment to build new product features and launch new business lines for creators, while continuing to be led by its parent company Standard’s CEO Dave Wiskus. 

Clint Stinchcomb, President and Chief Executive Officer of Curiosity, said: “Nebula has become the largest creator-owned and operated streaming platform in the world in just two years, and their mission perfectly aligns with our own – offering quality entertainment for people who want to know more. There has never been a more exciting time to be a creator, and what Dave and his team have built in such a short time is especially forward-looking as creators want to take control of their businesses and audience relationships.”

Added Devin Emery, chief product officer and EVP of Content Strategy for Curiosity, “We have seen tremendous growth of both CuriosityStream and Nebula through our existing partnership, and I’m confident this investment will supercharge development in what are arguably the most dynamic and creative parts of media today, streaming and the creator economy.”

Standard CEO Wiskus said: “Standard is a group of creators working together to build tools and systems to ensure the long-term sustainability of the content creators, especially within the middle class. Nebula is our flagship on this mission, and Curiosity has demonstrated an understanding, respect, and commitment to that philosophy at every step over the last two years and is the perfect partner to help us dial up growth and features to ensure Nebula reaches its full potential.”

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