Globacom launches GloTV streamer

Nigerian mobile operator Globacom has announced the launch of a new streaming service.

The operator, which has 40 million active data subscribers and over 50 million voice subscribers, has partnered with mediatech firm TV Anywhere Africa (TVA) to launch GloTV in its native Nigeria.

GloTV represents the first launch from TVA, which partners with telecom operators, internet service providers, and independent media players to deliver TV content via the web and mobile devices. 

Globacom said that the GloTV service will provide access to “ engaging, interactive and premium entertainment content through a rich bouquet of offerings including hundreds of live entertainment programs, music, documentaries, news, sports, original shows, fashion, lifestyle, kiddies’ interest channels and over 1,000 videos as the company continues to partner with content providers to address the needs of more customers across varying social strata.”

Obafemi Banigbe, CEO and Cofounder at TV Anywhere, said: “The Nigerian digital TV segment has been largely untapped, and we are excited to partner with Globacom Nigeria, a formidable player in the telecoms space in Nigeria, to realise the market potential of this service. TV Anywhere seeks to commoditize access to high-quality TV content in a manner that addresses consumers’ need for flexible pay-as-you-go content while being tailored to prevailing digital content consumption patterns. Nigeria is a critical market for our business, and we are proud to partner with Globacom”.

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