SeaChange taps AWS for AI and ML-enabled user cases

Video technology company SeaChange has strengthened its partnership with Amazon Web Services to enable enhanced data analytics on top of its cloud-based video delivery platform.

Building on a collaboration that dates back to 2016, SeaChange is tapping AWS’s artificial intelligence and machine learning services to facilitate understanding of end-user engagement and improve customer business outcomes, the company said.

In the latest development, SeaChange will tap the potential of Amazon SageMaker to enable its customers to deploy ML use cases like predictive maintenance, computer vision and predicting customer behaviours, SeaChange said.

Recent case studies include that of Israel’s Screen iL, which used SeaChange’s StreamVid platform to launch a service bringing Israeli content to viewers internationally, combining time-shifted TV with an on-demand library.

The service, which launched at the start of this month, provides bilingual Hebrew and English content that will be actively marketed to consumers in the US but is open to users in other countries. Screen iL is available for US $19.99 monthly or US$219.99 for a yearly package.

“At SeaChange, we strive to provide our customers with the best technology available. By integrating Amazon Personalize into the SeaChange solution, we will equip our customers with the tools that increase end-user engagement by delivering personalized and relevant content recommendations catered to users’ consumption habits, content preferences and demographics,” said SeaChange SVP of global sales and marketing Chris Klimmer.

“Using Amazon SageMaker will also enable us to utilize AI and automated ML to further optimize the business performance of our customers’ services. Our platform will automatically merge data from various sources and deliver predictive insights to user behaviour, which in return allows our customers to prevent churn and increase user retention.”

Ankur Mehrotra, director, vertical AI services, at AWS, said: “Amazon Personalize allows SeaChange customers to deliver a wide array of personalization experiences, channel line-up utilization, VOD catalogue engagement, and promotion effectiveness. We are pleased to work with SeaChange to allow brands of any size to benefit from ML-powered personalization technology.”

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